Sunday, March 6, 2011

A month, seriously?

Man, you get rocking and rolling, blogging away and then you get distracted! I guess that's what happens when you meet a boy. Luckily along with this fantastic distraction has come inspiration, the beautiful advantage of partnering up with someone that encourages and speaks into your passions. It's been a month of bliss, and I return with more excitement and drive for what it is I love. Bringing with me some Canton dust!

That's right folks, I HAVE OFFICIALLY WALKED THE HILLS OF CANTON!!! How I have gone 28 years without tapping into this gold mine, experiencing the cluttered mess of gems, and overgrown beards of hippie hoarders is beyond me! Yesterday I joined Austin, the new BF, and his family for my first experience there. I was shocked as I drove home realizing that I really wasn't coming back with many items to add to my collection, but I was bringing home a big smile. Instead of buying buying buying, I found myself spending the majority of the day observing and trying to take in the vastness of such a treasure heaven. I loved digging along side Austin, not only because he's beautiful but he's also the ultimate digging partner! We sifted through buckets of old pins, mason jars filled with broken jewelry, and boxes upon boxes of rusted hardware. (He gently had to pull my hand one or two or three times to get me away from the hardware tables, I'm still not quite sure why I get so addicted to them.)

Instead of bringing home more objects to fill my room, I came home with a filled heart. There are several ideas brewing in my head right now. Creations ready to be birthed and brought to you soon. Stay tuned as I work on a few and hopefully will get back to posting asap! And For your information, ASAP means, when you are inspired, have time, and can get them all uploaded onto a computer. Hang tight!